What is JobzMall?

JobzMall is the new medium for the new workforce

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We’re glad you asked! JobzMall is a visually immersive virtual shopping mall where today's talent meets with organizations, bringing all your hiring needs in one simple place.  

JobzMall has different buildings (Companies, Startups, Non-profits, Government, Education, and Staffing), and Organizations hosts 'stores' in these buildings.

Each building is segmented by "floors" categorized by industry, enabling users to "window-shop" and have a high level understanding of the job openings based on industry.  

What is JobzMall?

JobzMall is the first virtual mall for the new workforce to find jobs and explore organisations. 

With its unique design and technology JobzMall enables both the new Job/Career seeker and the new Job/Career provider to engage, explore and learn about eachother.

To all people who want to work and create, there is a job/career and talent waiting for them.

JobzMall is a market place and connection point where you can explore jobs, companies and talents in a smart, easy, personal and creative way with its 7 buildings.

Like all shopping malls, in JobzMall there are stores of companies, organizations and freelancers. Different  buildings have different concepts and floors to contain the stores of the companies or the organizations in all sectors and sub sectors. In the lobby of every building there is a directory. You can always use the search bar if you know what are you looking for. But don’t limit your possibilities, wander around the stores and see what they are offering for you and what you can offer to them. At the lobby and on every floor there are featured companies and jobs.This feature enables companies to highlight themselves and their openings. But there are lots of other stores to visit, explore, and shop.

These are the 7 buildings of JobzMall:

1. Companies Building: In this building you will find all the major industries and sectors you can think of, except Start-up, Education, Government, Staffing and Non-Profit. Because they have their own buildings. Visit the companies in the sector/industry you are interested in, learn about them and apply for their open positions. You can also direct-apply(R)* to them. If you want to see all the jobs, company videos, announcements and news all in one place you can click (  ) Explore button on top of your screen. Explore them in a continuous stream.

2. Start-Up Building: If you want to work in a start-up and are comfortable in a start-up enviroment, this is the building you have to visit first. Check for the start-ups, look for the open posts and even direct-apply(R) to them.

3. Education Building: If you want to work in the education sector, you love to teach, learn and be in the learning enviroment, start from this building. All the schools, universities, training companies, community colleges are here. You can always direct-apply(R) to them.

4. Government Building: If you want to see the city, county, state and federal job openings, this is the building where you have to shop. You can also direct-apply(R) to them.

5. Staffing Building: If you are looking for staffing companies or recruiters and want to shop from them you are at the right building. You can always direct-apply(R) to them.

6. Non-Profit Building: If you are dedicated to furthering a social cause or advocating for a particular point of view to be a part of social cause, want to be a part of a cause bigger than you and also love giving more, this is the building created just for you. You can check the open positions, learn about them or direct-apply(R) to any of the causes you are interested in.

What will the mall concept give you at JobzMall?

Comfort: You can shop a job whenever and where ever  you want. From home, cafe, beach or even from your office. JobzMall gives you utmost comfort. 

Relaxation: Let’s say you are frustrated in your job. Seeing lots of job opportunities in the JobzMall all at once and the ability to choose from any one of them will relax you more than anything. Life is too short to worry about finding a job/career, now there is a smart and easy way like JobzMall.

Passive Engagement: In JobzMall you can experience the job market without getting obliged. You can explore the companies, jobs, economic status of the sectors, cities, states and the country. For now it is just US but in the future it will be global. 

1. Active Engagement; By browsing the buildings and the floors of the JobzMall you will find your dream job. Very easy, intuitive and fun to get involved. 

1. Discovery; Discovery depends on variety and change. In JobzMall every second there are new jobs, new videos, new announcements and new experiences are waiting for you to discover. Be active.

Knowing what’s best for you, nobody can do your shopping better than you. 

So join in and start exploring JobzMall now.

Driving Values of JobzMall

At JobzMall we believe in:

1. Potential

JobzMall believes that people are not head counts, costs or problems. They are potential for each other, for organizations, for communities, for societies and for a better life. as an organization, it is our prime goal to help each individual and organization to reach their full potential.

2. Uniqueness 

Everybody has a unique gift and everybody has a unique contribution to human kind. JobzMall enables your unique contribution by finding the right fit for your unique gifts.

3.    Transparency

Today’s world needs utmost tranperency. Jobseekers should show their real self to the Jobproviders and shouldn’t fake to get through the door. Also the Jobproviders should be honest about their organisations. JobzMall enables and supports both Jobseekers and Jobproviders to be real and transparent with eachother for the mutual benefit and happiness of both parties.

4.     Personality

At the end of the day we are all humans with needs, thoughts, feelings, motivations, frustrations and all. JobzMall believes that it’s not about ‘what you do’, it’s about ‘who you are’. That’s why JobzMall enables you to be yourself and do/work what you love.

5.      Sustainability 

Because of the rapid technological innovations the workplace under constant change. JobzMall constantly  innovates for the future and adopts its self to be sustainable. JobzMall believes that the present and the future people have the same right to find, on the avarage, equal opportunities for realizing their concept of a good human life.

6.      Embracing and Driving Change

Only people who are brave and can see the future can create it. These people make changes and they are not scared about taking the responsibility of change.  JobzMall  enables you to embrace and drive the change for a better life and community.

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