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What type of a job seeker (shopper) are you?
What type of a job seeker (shopper) are you?

There are 5 ways of being a job seeker, JobzMall is there to help you along the way.

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We are all unique individuals with a varying range of personality traits, natures and practices. When evaluating different candidates for a vacancy, recruiters or hiring managers tend to make a distinction between different kinds of job seekers. Your personality shapes how you search for the perfect job and you should know how to optimize around it.

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Persistent: Are you a Persistent Job-seeker?
These individuals are not satisfied by simply applying for a job – they do not rest until they follow through with the organization they are interested in joining. They quite often want to get in touch with the company they have interviewed for and want to know how their performance has been. And it can go either way. Some companies find it annoying while for some it may indicate as a sense of commitment.

Passive: Are you a Passive Job-seeker?
These kind of candidates are not currently active in the job market. However, they keep themselves updated with what is happening where. They do know who is hiring but do not end up applying for open positions, and for the most part, they are under the employer’s radar. 

Zero Hour: Are you Zero Hour Job-seeker?
These kind of job seekers keep looking at an open position for a while, before actually applying to it. This could result in the requisition being closed and the candidate loosing the opportunity. The problem arises from the fact that applying close to deadlines is often considered to be procrastination or otherwise easily avoidable behavior. This could deprive such job seekers of otherwise viable opportunities simply because they did not apply earlier than they did.

Casual: Are you a Casual Job-seeker?
The working world is changing dramatically around us. You can't be following old rules of waiting for jobs results to be back before applying for the next one. These job seekers are best described as someone who is not too willing to take much efforts to find the right job. Finding a job is a job by itself. You have show the determination and patience along the way. An attitude change may help such candidates turn things back in their favor.

Pro-active: Are you a Proactive Job-seeker?
These kind of job seekers are actively looking for that great opportunity and are willing to put in the hard work that is required. Not only that, they do not wait till the last moment, but while things are still going well for them at their current company, they window shop and who is hiring where. They often plan in advance, scoping out job openings before they are even made available to the public, while keeping in touch with the hiring managers and key players relevant to their industry. 

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