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What makes an engaging job post on JobzMall?
What makes an engaging job post on JobzMall?

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A job posting aims to inform, engage, and attract potential candidates. Sure, every company wants rock star employees. But when it comes to posting a job (in a sea of online job listings), how do you make your specific message clear? At JobzMall, we make this simpler for you. 

  • Be more Visual: Post videos and add updates about your company. This is an effective tool to help give information applicants want to know.  

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  • Be more Inclusive:  Involve your team members. They are your best advocates. Add team members to the JobzMall platform and discuss the best candidates 

  • Push your Location:  Relocating is an obstacle to anyone considering your job that doesn’t live in your region. If you want to attract people from other places, sell applicants on the location. Give them details about schools, activities, crime rates, things to do, etc. If your location is an easy commute from many key hiring areas then make sure to spell out the actual commute time. A candidate will always be keen on a role that can cut their commute by 30 minutes.

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  • Be more nimble: You don’t always need to have overgrown corporate brand guidelines to navigate, try new things and be responsive!

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