Creating a good job posting is the first step towards attracting great candidates. Its simple and its easy @JobzMall.  

First and foremost make sure you are logged in. For further help on how to login to your account click here.

Following these easy steps will help you with your job posting:

Step 1. Click on "Jobs" to start with adding a job description

Step 2.  Click on "Add Job"

You can now start adding the information that is relevant to the job description. Keep in mind that detailed job descriptions should be written briefly, to the point and easy to understand. Make sure you have covered all the ‘must have’ information.

Step 3. Add a suitable title for the job posting. They should be clear and attractive.

Step 4. For the job location, we'll help you with suggestions. Selecting one of these suggestions from the Google Dropdown menu will ensure correct location. Applicants love to know the commute time before applying. If it's a remote position, simply slide the icon to the make it appear as "Remote" 

Step 5. Next, is the date on which you are adding the job posting and how long yuou want it to be viewed by the public. Typically these should last for a month as any date later makes it less appealing to the candidates. There is always a to edit jobs in case you want it to remain public even after the initial 30 day period. 

Step 6. Now that you have this initial information in place, you can also give details on which function this job belongs to, in an organization. 

Step 7. What is the Job Type for this job post? You can add details here letting the candidates know, whether this is a Full time, Part-Time, Internship, Temporary, Commission, Contract, Volunteer and Apprenticeship

Step 8. Next, you can add what is the required experience for this position. You can select from the drop down menu

Step 9. After the experience has been added, you can now select what kind of education level is needed for this position.

Step 10. We are almost there! The next is up probably the most important part of a job posting. You can add and list all the skills that you deem necessary to fulfill this job requirement. These are ideally the technical skills you are looking for in your candidate.

Step 11. Once the Technical skills have been outlined, move on to list the personality qualities you are looking for in the candidate. Its never been an easy task to get this right. We are always looking for that "X" factor in a candidate that truly makes him/her stand out amongst their peers to make a great impression. So, list all the qualities taht you feel are essential in order to get this job done right.

Step 12. Next, we can add the essential Job Qualifications. This helps the candidates know, whether they qualify for the job or not.

Step 13. You can click on the appropriate Compensation box to add more information regarding the job posting. Candidates are always looking for maximum information in order to make an informed decision. 

Step 14. The language that is required to complete this job is the next information to add to the job posting.

Step 15. Next, please add the Job Information. This is nothing but a detailed version of what the candidates can expect to do in this role. It describes the general tasks, or other related duties, and responsibilities of a position.

Step 16. You can also add any internal Reference Number if you want to. This will make it easier for you to know which position matches to your internal database, if any.

Step 17. If there is an external link, please go ahead and add it. This feature will help you to redirect all the applicants to your applicant tracking system.

Step 18
. Do you want it to save as a Visa Support. It helps you let the candidates know whether you will be supporting any visa documentation for them.

Step 19. Would you like to save it as a Draft? You can alsways use it later

Step 20. Please click on "Add a Job", onced you have reviewed all the detailes and you are ready to post the job.

Now it’s time for the Candidates to apply to this Job Post.  You can also follow the candidates seeing your job or visiting your store from your analytics reports (if your plan permits).

Hope this information is helpful. You can always reach out to us or chat with us on our platform by clicking on the chat icon (bottom right). You can also mail us your queries to [email protected]m

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