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How to write an effective Job Post?
How to write an effective Job Post?

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Improving the quality (as opposed to quantity) of your job post starts by having it well-written.  By having the right candidate click on your job post to learn more, you're definately closer to converting them into an applicant. However, if your job post does not have the right information, or does not compel them to apply, they will unfortunately scroll away. Dependent on the industry you are recruiting for and who your candidates are, it may be appropriate and beneficial to include interesting visuals within your advertisement. JobzMall Videos and Announcements are there to help you achieve just that! Bearing that in mind, your job postings must give the information that your target candidates want and need. Most of this essential information will be in the Required Skills, Qualifications and Job information categories.

What the Job Entails:  One of the key aspects about the job description is to keep it simple. Don't overkill it with lengthy text paragraphs. Emphasize the more important information in these categories to make it easy to understand. Even though content is an integral part of a job posting, do not overwhelm the candidates.

Keep the role Brief: Address the job seeker directly, instead of saying "the right candidate" or “the incumbent".  This helps make it more personal. You may also want to include why this job is an awesome opportunity and how the role helps your company achieve its mission or goals as candidates will be scanning reams of job advertisements for key phrases

Company Values & Culture: Emphasize your company's mission, values, vision and advancement opportunities as it helps gain insight into what your company is all about.  The candidates will be more engaged and interested in your job. All this will culminate in making the right candidates that much easier to spot.

Keep it easy to look at:  Simply put, job seekers are looking for just about anything other than long blocks of text – so make sure to present things like job information and desired skills in the form of bulleted lists.

Think of your job post like a funnel where initially you are casting the net out wide to a broad audience. Work your way to finding the right talent, right here!

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