In this article you’ll discover some ways on how to make job posts more effective.

Have a Job Posting guideline: This is the most critical aspect to putting out an effective job post out there to attract the best talent. Know what you want and understand how to want to go around achieving it. Many companies start posting jobs without a plan. As a result, their job posts often don’t address the needs of their audience (job seekers).

Consider uploading videos, announcements about your company to your dashboard covering various topics.

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Address the Skim Readers: First things first! You have to address the decreasing attention span of users , instead  of the length of your job post. Having said that, the first few words are crucial to hooking your candidates attention.

Customize Your Job Post Descriptions: Be innovative. This is a single paragraph that gives three to five details, applicants will find most exciting about the job. It is similar to the lede that newspapers use to hook you into reading the full article. 

Sell your story: It's like putting your best foot forward. Let the candidates know what you are really about. Put out information about your company that candidates want to know. Interesting facts on how long you've been in business, any unique employee stories that show your more human side, equipment that applicants will be excited about, awards, accolades, and work culture facts that will interest them. Go visual. Put out videos and announcements! 

How to post Videos and Announcements?

Sell the position: When a job sounds too good to be true, it generally is and will only attract applicants who are gullible, unrealistic and non-performers. Provide information on education opportunities, benefits or perks, and anything else applicants will find interesting. Adding interesting videos about your company is the best way in engaging candidates. Do it the JobzMall way!

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Sell your location: If you want to attract people from other places, sell applicants on the location. Provide information on schools, things to do, food etc. If its an easy commute from prominent hiring areas then be sure to spell out the actual commute time. JobzMall Maps will help candidates know where the job is located and how much time it takes to commute!

What is JobzMall Maps?

Do proof-reading: Treat this writing exercise just as you would with any other important piece of company marketing. Get multiple people to read it and provide you with honest feedback. Make sure you have fixed any errors before you post the jobs. 

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