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What is JobzMall?
JobzMall is a workforce medium that connects hiring organizations with career-seekers in a virtual shopping mall.

How does it work? What do I need to do?
Create your profile in seconds, upload your resume and start liking jobs and posts you are interested in. Watch this video for more!

What makes JobzMall different?
JobzMall takes a mundane process and turns it in to an experience with powerful tools for you to learn and stand out among others! Learn more here.

What are Buildings?
JobzMall is a virtual shopping mall with different buildings - categorized by industry. Different buildings houses organizations of their kind. More info here.

What are Floors?
A beautiful thing to experience for sure! They are where all the organizations and job openings meet.

What are Stores?
Organizations (companies, startups, nonprofits, colleges, agencies). They all host a virtual store for you to come in and explore.

What is in it for me as job seeker?
Get exposure and stand out unlike any other platforms. Start Applying within seconds and see results. 

Who are your partner organizations?
We work within a range of companies from Fortune 500 companies to Mom-and-Pop stores, 4 people nonprofits - all who are looking to make a difference. 

What are the main positions / functions you specialize in?
We aim to help the highest number of people as we possibly can, and hence, do not limit ourselves to specific job roles. Also, a company can need any role at any time! We cover all roles starting from intern-level all the way up to C-level ones. We cover all functional roles.

What do I do if I am interested in a partner company that does not have the desired opening for me?
Direct Apply!!!! 🔥🔥

What is this Direct Apply thing you mention?
You can apply directly to any company, like dropping off your resume.See a company you'd love to work for, regardless of the job opening, Direct Apply and Skip the line. 

What open positions do you have?
Way too many to be listed here!! Hence we have JobzMall Explore Hundreds of new ones coming in every day

Do I have to pay anything?
No, JobzMall is free for job seekers.

Then how do you make money?
Willing organizations subscribe to be part of JobzMall.

Can others see my profile without me approving?
Only if its a public profile! You have the power to make your profile private. However your resume is ONLY shared with the organizations you apply with. 

How can I update my profile?
Log into your profile and edit settings.

How do I recommend a friend?
Simply send them the link to 

How can I actively be a part of JobzMall Growth?
Shoot us an email at [email protected] or Direct Apply to us at 

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