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How to edit your job openings?
How to edit your job openings?

Navigate to your dashboard > Manage Jobs > Edit Jobs πŸ™

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Here at JobzMall we've made managing your jobs simple - to help you get up and running quickly! You can always edit/change or update your job requirements or descriptions. If you are new to JobzMall and need additional help on posting a job you can read it here.Β 

How to edit jobs?

First and foremost make sure you are logged in. For further help on how to login to your help click here.

Step 1. Click on "My JobzMall" in the header (next to the home icon, it looks like 3x3 boxes).Β 

Step 2. After you click on My JobzMall, you will get a list of your stores to navigate to. Click on your store and it will take you to your store dashboard.

Step 3. On your dashboard, click on the Jobs section from the header menu. It is located on the top right next to dashboard, with a bag icon.Β 

Step 4. After navigating to your jobs, you can edit it by hovering on your job and clicking the three dots on the right hand side, and then clicking "edit job"

Step 5. You can now make the necessary changes and save them at the bottom right.

​Congratulations! You just edited your job opening successfully πŸŽ‰πŸ™πŸ€™It just gets simpler from here.

For further help on customizing your store, and using your Employer Dashboard to its full potential click here. IMPORTANT: You can always contact us at any point by clicking the chat icon on the bottom right, or navigating down to footer and clicking talk to us. A Success Team Member of ours will right away guide you for any inquiry you will have.Β 

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