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Managing your jobs more effectively!

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You receive a plethora of text as resumes, and are forced to rely on applicant tracking systems that are rudimentary and have rounds of interviews that cost time, energy and money. We, @JobzMall help you managing your jobs more effectively. 

Lets get you started. 

You can "Search" for a specific job you want. This icon is located on the left hand side corner which will help you to look for a particular job title. 

You can also "Add Job" anytime. Get the maximum from your own platform (Are you in the right plan to perform better?)

You can also Edit or delete jobs from here. All you have to do is hover above a specific job and on your right hand side there will appear 3 dots (vertical). Click on it and it will give you an option of either "Edit Job" or "Delete Job".  

You can also click on the left hand side window "Manage Jobs" to start the process.

Intrigued? Post your first job now and join the new workforce revolution!

CHAT icon on the lower left side of for help.

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