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How to Manage your Team for your Store?
How to Manage your Team for your Store?

Collaborative Work Wins ✌️🤝

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You wouldn’t want to hire any new employee without the input of other people on your team. You might pride yourself on being a pretty good judge of character and talent, but will know better in making such a significant decision to include members that matter to make the right decision.

Let's make it even simpler!

To Add a Team Member:

  1. Go to the team section on your dashboard

  2. Click on 'Invite team member' button.

  3. Type in the email of the team member

  4. Choose an access level for their account

  5. Hit invite

What are the permission levels?

Store Admins have full access to their stores (including billing and changing user permissions)
Store Managers have access to everything except for billing settings and user permissions
Store Members interact with applicants, manage jobs and posts, and view your store's settings

Once you have clicked the "Team" icon, it will allow you to see further. It will help you to know which team members are a part of this process. You can add a team member by "Inviting" them to the panel. You will need to add the company email id. You can also deactivate a member as and when required. You have a total control of whom to keep in this process. 

Feeling confident? Add the right team members to make collaborative decisions. 

CHAT icon on the lower left side of for help.

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