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How can I view my store Analytics?
How can I view my store Analytics?

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JobzMall analytics gives you the means to review your store's recent activity, get insight into your visitors, and analyze your store's transactions. 

To begin with always make sure that you are logged in to your account. For further help on how to login to your account click here

On your Dashboard, you will see an "Analytics" icon.
(How do I get to my Dashboard?)

Performance Analytics:  You can click on the Analytics icon to get the most for yourself with AI-Driven hiring that takes your hiring to new heights at little to no cost to your business. Get real time Data driven insights. 

Get state of art insights to your store status. Our data driven technologies give you the most accurate and real time information regarding your store. You have access to know how many visitors you had to your store within the last 30 days. How many people viewed your jobs, how many people applied to your jobs, if you have had any "Direct Apply" clicks. All this and more information is available to you just a click away.

You can also get information on how many people viewed your job posts. 

Information on how many people applied to your store directly is also available at your finger tips. 

Doing business without analytics is like driving a car in the dark without headlights. Like driving, the more visibility you have over what is going on, the better your decisions will be. Stay informed!

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