The best part?  You have the power to make your profile private or public. However your resume is ONLY shared with the organizations you apply with. 

Direct Apply @ JobzMall lets you send your resume directly to the company you would like to work for!

Follow these easy steps to make it happen.

Step 1. Log in to your Account.
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Step 2. Explore JobzMall as it has different buildings (Companies, Startups, Non-profits, Government, Education, and Staffing), and Organizations hosts 'stores' in these buildings. With its unique design and technology JobzMall enables both the new Job/Career seeker and the new Job/Career provider to engage, explore and learn about each other.

What is JobzMall?

Step 3. You can go to "Explore" to know the latest jobs, Watch videos, browse new industries and see the most active organizations. 

Step 4. If you do not see any open postion by your dream company (a company you would love to work for), visit their store (by seraching for their name on the search bar). Once you are in the store you click on "Direct Apply" (the icon is located on the right hand side).

Step 5:
You will be prompted to fill out your details. Once you have saved all the required information, you have the option of uploading an exisitng video cover letter or recording a new one (if you wish to). Click "Continue" to proceed further.

Step 6: You can fill out the other requirements like Experience, Education, Skills (Technical), Soft Skills, Certifications, Languages and the Resume. If at any point you need to go back, you do so while clicking on the "Back" button that is located at the bottom in the far left corner. After you have reviewed all the information, click "Apply Now"


You have applied to the company you would love to work for!

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