How to post a video resume?

Easy steps to your digital resume

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Jobzmall's Video Resume has garnered tremendous response. Its one of the newest and the most effective methods of having your resume. In the job marketplace, video resumes are becoming an increasingly popular format of choice. Employers seeking video resumes may consider visual images of all applicants in the job candidate pool as another tool at their disposal to choose the best person for the position. In the employer’s view, a video resume may offer job candidates great latitude to present themselves in their best light, just as a traditional print or online resume does.

Step 1. Sign in to your account and get on your homepage. In the left hand corner (at the bottom) you will see the "Video Resume" icon. Click on the + sign. Once you click on it, it gives you the choice to either upload an exisitng video or create a new recording in your browser.

We support most of the standard video formats. 

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