JobzMall is the first virtual mall for the new workforce to find jobs and explore organisations. It's a visually immersive virtual shopping mall where today's talent meets with organizations, bringing all your hiring needs in one simple place.  

JobzMall is a new medium for the new workforce. Joint the movement!

For Companies:

Step 1. Brand your organizations like never before. Spread the word around and share on whats the latest and the greatest. It's absolutely free to start using JobzMall and post as many videos and announcements.

(How do I sign up as an Employer?)

Step 2. Experience unparalleled outreach (jobseekers). Employers should use a candidate's profile/resume to weed out unqualified candidates for advertised positions. You can view an unlimited number of applicants to your job posts. 

(Can I redirect applicants to my career site?)

Step 3. Upload videos and showcase your culture and values with the new workforce.

(How to post Videos and Announcements?)

Step 4. Invite team members and save time to make hiring more effective and efficient. Its all on one platform!

(How to manage team members?)

Step 5. Customize your Dashboard. Play around and get more out of your platform. Your Dashboard helps you do all this and more. 

(What is an Employer Dashboard?)

Step 6. 24/7 Customer Support. No more rebooting issues! 

Step 7. Use innovative techniques and incorporate the best processes. JobzMall Analytics helps you track the performance of your store and help you leverage the resources. 

(How can I view my store Analytics?)

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