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JobzMall Help - Need help using JobzMall? We are here to help you get answers to your questions.

How to change your password?
What is Direct Apply?
Do you have JobzMall in Spanish?
What is a Video Resume?
How do I withdraw an application?
Is JobzMall a recruiting agency?
How do I edit my store information?
How do I know which Building and Floor to open my store?
I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?
Can I redirect the applicants to my career sites?
What is Video Apply?
How to Delete your JobzMall Account?
Which Browsers do you currently support?
How to change your resume?
How to change my cover letter?
How can I remove my personal information from Google search results through JobzMall?
What privacy settings and options are available for JobzMall users?
Who has access to view my video resume on JobzMall's platform?
Does using video resumes on JobzMall impact diversity and inclusion in hiring?
What's the difference between deactivating and deleting my JobzMall account? How long do you retain deactivated account data?
What process does JobzMall use to verify job listings on its platform?
Are all job postings on JobzMall verified?
JobzMall's Shared Responsibility Model
Is JobzMall a legitimate and trustworthy job search platform?
How does JobzMall's skill rating system work in job applications? What do the numbers 1-5 represent?
Can I integrate my LinkedIn profile with my JobzMall account?
Does JobzMall share or sell user data to third parties?
What types of organizations can hire talent through JobzMall?
How does JobzMall ensure job listing authenticity and combat fake job postings?
What are job scams and how does JobzMall protect users from fraudulent job listings?
Why isn't my phone number working during JobzMall sign up, and how can I resolve this issue?
How does JobzMall's reference verification process work to ensure credibility?
Why does JobzMall require account creation for providing references, and how does this enhance credibility?
What are the 'Editor's Pick' videos on JobzMall's home page, and how are they selected?
How do I fix location dropdown issues on JobzMall?
What are the common data limits on JobzMall profiles?
Why can't I select skills on the JobzMall application form?
Troubleshooting video recording issues on JobzMall
What file formats are accepted for resume uploads on JobzMall?
Can employers see when I've viewed their job posting?
Why isn't my JobzMall profile picture uploading?
How does coaching work on JobzMall?
Does JobzMall have two-factor authentication?
Privacy Overview
Why was my JobzMall account suspended?
Why is my email not working on signup?