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Can I redirect the applicants to my career sites?
Can I redirect the applicants to my career sites?

Yes, Absolutely!

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Today's competitive recruiting market requires that you recruit the right talent for the right job -- at the right time. You can aboslutely add an external link while adding jobs. Our simple design provides a fast setup to redirect job applications to your career sites quickly so applicants can easily find and apply for your jobs. This is a great option if you want to post jobs directly on JobzMall, but need to manage applicants through a pre-existing application specific to your company

Redirection links provide a way for external job boards to send candidate applications directly to your Applicant Tracking system. Employers can take advantage of JobzMall’s job posting platform, while still having applicants tracked through internal systems.

First and foremost make sure you are logged in. For further help on how to login to your account click here.

On your Dashboard, you will see an "Jobs" icon.
(How do I get to my Dashboard?)

Step 1.
Click on "Jobs" to start with adding a job description (How to post a Job?)

Step 2. Click on "Add Job"

You can now start adding the information that is relevant to the job description. Keep in mind that detailed job descriptions should be written briefly, to the point and easy to understand. Make sure you have covered all the ‘must have’ information.

Once you have filled out all the required job information, and as you scroll down towards the end (bottom left) you will see an icon that says "External Link" (Optional)

You can add the link that will take the job applications to your internal ATS. Once you have added the link, go ahead and slide to activate the "Use External Link"  

This is quite a unique feature by itself. To help you understand better, take a look at the example below:
If your store currently has 5 job openings posted, and you want to redirect  the applications you receive for 3 of those job postings to your ATS,  you have access to do that @JobzMall!

CHAT icon on the lower left side of for help.

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