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What is Direct Apply?
What is Direct Apply?

Learn about JobzMall's signature "Direct Apply"

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Direct Apply is a revolutionary way to apply to companies developed by JobzMall. Direct applications allow you to apply directly to a company, even if they have no job openings.
JobzMall was founded on the core principle that you are more than a resume. You are a human being, with special footprint on this world. We never believe that you should be disregarded just because a piece of paper wasn't formatted the right way, or even worse -- you have talents that a company isn't hiring for right now.

JobzMall Direct Apply fills the need for your true talent to be put in front of employers regardless of whether or not they have an opening for the talents you provide. We have found that this provides huge opportunity for individuals and for companies didn't even know they needed each other.

So next time you get down because your favorite company isn't hiring, think of JobzMall Direct Apply. They may just love you enough bring you on anyway! At JobzMall, talent know no bounds.

How do I Direct Apply to companies?

It's simple!

Quick Steps:

  1. Visit any store of your choosing

  2. Scroll down past the store's introduction. If you haven't already direct applied to the store, on the right-hand side of their store you will see a card has a button that says Direct Apply. Simply click that button and you are off to direct apply to that company! See the image below for a visual guide.

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