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How do I edit my store information?
How do I edit my store information?

How to edit/update your Store information.

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Your store is the window into which candidates get to know you as an organization. It is paramount that you get to tell your story. The first part of telling your story is being able to manage your Store information.

Quick Steps:

  1. From your homepage, click on your profile image in the header to open your side drawer

  2. Find your store in the Manage Stores section of your side drawer and click on it. This will take you to that store's dashboard.

  3. On the dashboard, click the Store Settings tab on the left-hand toolbar.

  4. Your organization information will be displayed. Edit any field there and then click Save Settings.

Detailed Walkthrough:

First let's get to your dashboard. When you first login, you will be sent to your home. From your home, click on your profile image to open the side drawer:

From your side drawer, find the store you want to manage in the Manage Stores section and click on it:

This will take you to your store's dashboard. Your dashboard is the hub of everything for your store. Read further about the capabilities of your dashboard, read "Store Dashboard Overview".

From your dashboard, click the Store Settings tab on the left toolbar:

This will take you your store's settings page. Your store settings page has three sections, Organization Information, Billing, and Help & Support. For now, we will be focusing on Organization Information.

Organization Information

This section of your employer dashboard lets you change the following information about your store:

  1. Company Name - This is the name of your company and your store. If you change your company name, it will change the URL to your store, and update throughout the platform. Companies rarely have to change this, as they usually don't change their name. This is a required field.

  2. Headquarters - This is the headquarters location for your company. When setting a location, you must pick from the autocomplete dropdown for us to ensure it is a valid location. This is a required field.

  3. Building - The JobzMall Building your store you want to be associated with. If you want to read more about each building, please read here. This is a required field.

  4. Floor - Each building has many floors, or industrial categories (e.g. Technology, Agriculture & Forestry, etc.) - As you change your building, these options will change along with it - Make sure you explore to find where your store belongs, as it will help you be found by candidates. This is a required field.

  5. Industry - Most floors have lists of industries. These industries help candidates drill even further down when looking for companies like you! Be sure to check if your floor has an industry you belong to. This field is optional.

  6. Founded Date - Simply put. The date your company was founded. This field is optional, but is good for candidates to know while they are researching your company.

  7. About My Company - This field is a company overview. Really let your potential candidates get to know you!

  8. Theme Color - This is usually your company's brand color. This personalizes things like buttons, and small accents on your store so your candidates feel at home while their visiting your store.

  9. Business Phone - Your business phone number for people to contact your business. This is public.

  10. Business Email - Your business email for people to contact your business. This is public.

  11. Website - Your public website for people to learn more about your company.

  12. Social Links - Different social links for your company, from Facebook to Twitter, let your visitors stay up to date on your social postings!

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